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18 Ways To Use Our Elderberry Apple Butter


Apple butter is not something I grew up with, we were always a jelly house. I don’t even think I had apple butter until I ate ours. I know, sounds crazy.  Since we cook our elixir with fresh ingredients we have the opportunity to make a delicious tea out of the ingredients for a 2nd process. Though the medicinal value is all in the elixir the flavor is still on point. This tea now becomes the base of our apple butter. 

In addition to the amazing flavor of the tea, we add real apples (not remade applesauce), local Missouri honey, and a touch of vanilla.

That’s it!

This is why no one can ever recreate this amazing apple butter. No sugar, real apples and our special tea make this one of a kind Apple butter that will convert any previous jelly lover.

And it's not just for toast! Here are 18 ways to use our elderberry apple butter:

  1. Stir into oatmeal or yogurt! 
  2. Spoon onto pancakes or waffles!
  3. Liven up that cheese plate.
  4. Add to just about any sauce where you’d like a little natural sweetness.
  5. Mix some in with a tomato sauce to give it an earthy sweetness and a little spice.
  6. Sandwich spread - Think Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini.
  7. Add a cup of apple butter to the filling of your pumpkin pie.
  8. Slap that ish on a biscuit - MMMMM.
  9. Apple butter empanadas.
  10. Add to cookies - oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle.
  11. Swap it with the tomato sauce on a homemade pizza featuring chicken sausage, mushrooms, onions, figs, and goat cheese.
  12. Replace the brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice in a ketchup recipe.
  13. Brush your favorite cut of pork with a layer of apple butter before you bake it.
  14. Make a breakfast smoothie with yogurt or kefir, milk, a large scoop of apple butter, and a banana.
  15. Smoky Apple Butter BBQ Sauce - NUF said!
  16. Bake it into scones, muffins, bars, and breads.
  17. Mixed with spices like cumin, paprika, and chili powder makes for some of the tastiest crispy roasted chicken skin you’ll ever eat.
  18. If you're not great in the kitchen, just eat it by the spoonful!

Have you tried our Elderberry Apple Butter yet?!


Check it out here!




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  • I believe “slapping that ish” on ANYTHING should had been number 19!


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