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Natural Health No Matter What Age

My daughter, Sally, decided she was tired of feeling bad and not being able to figure out some health issues she was dealing with.  She had sought out medical doctors who would always put her on prescription medicine and nothing seemed to help.  So, she decided to see a Functional Doctor.  Best decision she ever made!  She learned how much your diet affects everything about your functioning body.  Sally is now on a path of healing her body with the proper foods that are good for her body.

Sally also knew I was having some issues with my body and going through menopause.  She told me to go see her Functional Doctor and I did.  Also, the best decision I ever made.  I found out that I am intolerant to dairy and not lactose intolerant it was the whey protein in the dairy products that I was intolerant to.  The older I got the more dairy bothered me but I just thought it was age.  Wrong!  I was told to eat dairy all my life and that it was a necessary part of my diet.  My functional doctor told me that we are the only mammal on this planet that still ingested milk from another mammal after birth.  Hmmm…interesting concept.  I was also told that there were some other vitamin deficiencies and nutrition I was missing from my blood work.  The Functional Doctor explained that this is a more in-depth blood panel she took then your medical doctor would take.  Very helpful!

After learning all this information and knowing my daughter and I were both intolerant to dairy made me feel like a horrible mother.  I made my children ingest dairy every day.  Had no idea there was such a thing as being intolerant to whey protein.  I think about all the other issues I could have prevented if I would have taken all of us to a Functional Doctor.

After seeing a functional doctor and changing my mindset, I was so fortunate to meet Emilia my business partner who just happens to be an amazing person and BONUS a nutritionist.  I was hungry to better myself and my knowledge of just being a better me.  Emilia is a true believer in making you the best you, you can possibly be through nutrition.  That’s when I became part owner of All Things Elderberry.  What an amazing journey we are on!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago what was my next adventure in life, I would have never dreamed it included elderberries and all-natural remedies for my health.  I still have a lot to learn and its truly fascinating learning how many plants and herbs are natural remedies for a lot of our everyday health issues. 

Knowledge is power and I will be forever grateful for the natural healing powers that are growing right under our noses.       

Susan Smith | Executive Elderberry Enthusiast



  • I’ve been reading over your site and discovering anything new. I believe you’ve either been hacked or program you’re using is messed up. The comments and some displays of pictures are gibberish.
    Saying all of this, I love All Thinkgs Elderberry. Thanks for a great product.

    Jo Ann Durbin
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