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Our Elderberry Farm


On a road trip to Joplin, Missouri to purchase elderberries for their elixir, Emilia and Susan learned that elderberries are in short supply in the US. Then, a local farmer gave them an idea: they should grow elderberries for themselves and the rest of the world.

The idea was the start of a dream come true for Susan and her husband, Mike, who had dreamed of owning their own farm for years. Boosted by a continuing need for elderberries and a desire for ensuring all-natural ingredients, it wasn't hard to convince Emilia and her husband, Scott, to start looking for the perfect farm.

In March of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, they got a call about an incredible farm. The 150-acre property had been homesteaded and owned by the same family since 1845. It was beautiful. And they knew that this was their farm.

They also knew they were probably bonkers for considering buying a farm, not only because it was a considerable investment and neither of them had a background in farming, but also because the future was uncertain due to the pandemic. But they were looking at a once-in-a-lifetime piece of property and an opportunity to grow something much greater and more rewarding than they ever dreamed of. The opportunity to build their business literally from the roots up was too hard to pass up.

They took the plunge and dove in, head and heart first.

One year later, the farmer who introduced Emilia and Susan to the idea of owning their own elderberry farm was teaching them how to plant their first 9,200 elderberry plants. The farm currently functions as a nutraceutical farm, which contributes to good health and in turn a good life.

Day by day and acre by acre, Emilia and Susan are creating a family legacy for generations to come. A true gift of love. Moving forward, the goal is to have many All Things Elderberry products made from their own naturally grown elderberries and to be a certified organic farm by 2030.