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First Press Elderberries

Syrup or Elixir

Have you seen our updated label? We gave our elixir a big quality upgrade. The elixir’s first ingredient is now ELDERBERRY JUICE. Prior to 2023, it was filtered water, then elderberry juice. We reworked our recipe because we wanted to offer you more bang for your buck. We increased the amount of elderberry juice by 30%! That’s a whole lot of added health benefit and we believe it is absolutely delicious. Of course, we are biased, we know ours is the best tasting and freshest on the market. We are here to explain why. 

Our elixir’s first ingredient is Elderberry Juice. Not elderberry concentrate and not from dried elderberries. Those processes are “extra” steps and create oxidation that lessen the density and quality of antioxidants. We have always used first-press elderberries. First-press means we juice fresh elderberries and then immediately freeze the juice. Why is this important? This is a single process that preserves the anti-oxidants. It improves the feel of the elixir in your mouth as smooth and juicy, not gritty.

We also only use American elderberries in our elixir. We will go more into that in a later post.  

Next, we use local raw honey to those who live in Missouri. This allows for a smooth texture as opposed to a thickening agent like corn syrup. We do not use any emulsifiers or thickeners, so our product is a cleaner, less toxic product than most other labels on the market.  

Next, we add ginger, cinnamon and clove. In addition to the added flavor, this trio also offers additional health benefits like anti-inflammatory, promotes healthy digestion, lowers blood pressure which all help promote a healthy immune response. We aren’t just talking about a healthy immune response to the common cold and flu, we are also talking about most autoimmue diseases as well. 

In the beginning after sampling our product, it was recommended by a Dr that we name our original recipe an elixir because it resembled an ancient Chinese Elixir. 

Typically, an elixir is a sweet liquid used for medical purposes. It is to be taken orally and intended to cure one's illness. When used as a pharmaceutical preparation, an elixir contains at least one active ingredient designed to be taken orally. In our case, it was 5 ingredients.  

Culturally, syrup assumes a sweet thick liquid or on the other end of that spectrum a medicinal poor tasting liquid from an OTC brand. Our Everyday Elixir is a cleaner, less-toxic product and upon your first sip, you will agree, it is equally delicious as it is healthy. 

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