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About All Things Elderberry

Elderberry Collection


Founded on real-life health concerns and with a commitment to quality and natural ingredients, All Things Elderberry specializes in producing and distributing flavorful, vitamin-packed everyday-use Elderberry Elixir and tea varieties.

Emilia Rizzuto, the creator of our Elderberry Elixir, began the journey to founding All Things Elderberry at the age of 15, when doctors diagnosed her with Crohn's disease. For the next 15 years, Emilia would be subjected to every type of medication possible, all in a vain attempt to control her symptoms. The medicine that was supposed to be healing her was actually destroying her body and damaging her immune system. As a result, the wife and young mother was tired and weak when she wanted – she needed – to be strong and active. More than anything, Emilia wanted a life free from illness and the harsh side effects of her medications.

During a particularly harsh flu season, Emilia started researching natural products and remedies to protect her family from getting sick. That's when she found elderberries.

Using primarily local and organic ingredients, she began experimenting with different elderberry elixir recipes. That season, she and her family remained healthy and she started bottling her elixir and sharing it with friends and extended family. The reaction was remarkable and the results undeniable. People were feeling better – and healthier – adding her elderberry to their daily routine.

While Emilia knew she had something special, it wasn't until a mutual friend introduced her to Susan Smith that things started to coalesce. Susan's knowledge and experience running a business helped her and Emilia quickly find a mutual interest. And, because of her genuine kindness and warmth, Susan lent her expertise to Emilia. The two women became partners out of this chance encounter, and All Things Elderberry began.

We welcome you to All Things Elderberry and are confident what we've created will help support your family's health as much as it has ours.



  • All Things Elderberry began in 2017 and has its roots in the local St. Louis, Missouri area. 
  • All Things Elderberry uses local resources and manufactures the product in our community.
  • Over the last three years, hundreds of customers have purchased over 10,000 bottles of our Elderberry Elixir.
  • We partner with over 30 retailers who sell our product in-store. 
  • Currently, All Things Elderberry is producing our Elderberry Elixir and other products such as Elderberry Elixir Dry Kits and Elderberry Apple Butter. 
  • Even though we want to share our elderberry products nationwide, we will always remain firmly rooted in our community, supporting our local providers and partners. 




We believe in family. This all started because one mom wanted to keep her family healthy during flu season, but then she thought, “Why stop there?” As the business has grown, so has our family. We hire neighbors, friends, local moms, and small business owners. We are grateful for every contribution that has allowed us to bring increased wellness to you and yours!


We use the freshest organically grown raw berries, local raw honey, organic Ceylon, cinnamon, fresh organic ginger, and organic whole clove. If it's not good enough for our family, we won't offer it to yours.


The power of community is tangible. The majority of our retail locations are small businesses. When you buy our products at their stores you are supporting your local community.


We source our ingredients in the midwest when possible  -  buying elderberries from small family-owned farms and honey direct from beekeepers. We travel to each farm to work directly with the farmers to ensure our berries are grown using organic practices and processed and stored with care.  


Meet The All Things Elderberry Team

We have a very small, tight-knit team consisting of neighbors and friends who are moms and grandmas. Everyone involved believes in our product and is also a customer. We believe mothers give up so much of themselves to raise their children, so we choose to support these women. Also, let’s be honest, no one gets stuff done like a mom! 

Emilia Rizzuto | Founder/CEO & Chief Elderberry Elixir Mixer


“I never imagined I would grow up to be an elderberry farmer. I’m so grateful this journey has allowed me to deepen my connection to the earth and meet such amazing people along the way”.

Emilia's life-long battle with Crohn's Disease led her to seek alternative therapies after a multitude of medications left her more ill and depleted. As she continued to seek nutritional support, experimenting with natural remedies and wellness products to control her symptoms, she found her true calling.

Emilia went back to school and obtained her certification in Nutrition Consulting with honors. As she helped herself and her family, she knew she wanted to do more and pass on her knowledge to others. In her inspiring wellness journey, she first developed a health-focused consulting business, followed by the development of her own elderberry elixir and the launch of All Things Elderberry.

Building this business and learning to be elderberry farmers, while raising two young children, Emilia and her full-time working husband are grateful to find peace and purpose at the farm for the whole family.

Susan Smith | CFO & Executive Elderberry Enthusiast


“My dream is to share our natural elderberry products and our amazing nutraceutical farm with people who are on a path towards natural health”.

Susan sees her passion for natural health and wellness as a lifelong journey. After watching her aging parents struggle with their health and ongoing quest to solve their health issues with ever-changing pharmaceutical remedies, she knew there was a better way. After a chance encounter on a lakeside vacation, Susan and Emilia joined forces to bring natural health & preventative care products from All Things Elderberry to others looking for a natural way to stay more healthy and boost immunity.

With the recent property acquisition, Susan and her husband, Mike, are now living and working full-time at the elderberry farm and living their dream. They have a son, daughter and five grandchildren who all love spending family time in the country. In her spare time, Susan loves crafting, interior decorating, and cooking & baking wholesome delicious recipes.