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Here You Grow


All Things Elderberry started with a personal health mission. We started with the elixir out of Emilia’s kitchen. We grew to the neighborhood. We grew to the church parking lot. We grew to the farmer’s market. Bottled in the Get Real Health bottles. Then we grew to retail locations. We rebranded. We grew a website. We grew 9,200 elderberry plants on a 150-acre farm. You could say we grew accidentally. We grew without too much planning and strategy. We grew from grassroots marketing and your word of mouth. We grew by connecting with you. We grew by connecting with other entrepreneurs. We grew because we connected to the community. 

What’s our future growth strategy? You. Word of mouth is always the best, most efficient way to our next sale. Can you share a testimony of your health? Perhaps leave us a Google review. Give us a like. A follow. A share. We rely heavily on you for us to be able to reach the next customer. Without You being on the same mission our founder, Emilia, was on, we don’t have a mission. We all want to feel better. Our mission is to educate the community on the health benefits of elderberries. It is to raise the younger generation to believe in and know the magic and deliciousness of elderberries. It is to elevate your immune system to its optimal response. It is to help keep you connected and active with your community. The curious come resigned to their symptoms and the believers stay because they feel better than they did before. Must be the elderberry? 

We have worked tirelessly to bring you a brand with integrity and products with flavor and texture the entire family enjoys. We hear how it helps everyone stay well, minimizes autoimmune flare-ups, and reduces arthritis inflammation when taken regularly. We know, you know, it works.

We could spend millions of dollars (we don’t have) on advertising. Think back to the first time you heard of elderberries. Maybe your mind was curious. Maybe in disbelief. Maybe desperate. Maybe because your grandparents told you about it. Then you tried it. How did you feel? How long has it been since you have been sick? How is your family feeling? Less time off for sick days? More time playing? More energy? Less flare-ups? When did you become a believer? What was that ah-ha elderberry moment? 

We want to know. The others need to know. They read. They listen. They won't take it from us, we are biased. They will take it from you, our elderberry community. You are our growth. You are our way forward. This grassroots word-of-mouth strategy is slow to grow, but, it works. 

What do we need? Our offer is if you leave us a Google Review, we’ll send you an $8 gift card. At a minimum, Share us. Like Us. Follow Us. We are here to connect with you. It’s what keeps us going and growing. Because being a small vertically integrated business is challenging. We love what we do. We simply couldn’t do it without you. 






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