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Take a Tea Break for Your Health

Taking regular breaks to slow down and reflect throughout the day will boost our mood and performance. Many people take to yoga or meditation, and those are wonderful practices. For shorter breaks, people often pause to have a cup of tea. The BBC reports that green tea in particular has many health benefits, from booting brain power to reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. Why not power up that green tea with additional health benefits of elderberry, in our Elderberry Green Tea?

The benefits of elderberry have been known for centuries. Hippocrates referred to the Elder tree as his “medicine chest” in 400 BCE. It’s not just a fruit for the ages, however. This January, the Chicago Tribune published a piece on the many health benefits for elderberry, including boosting the immune system, healthier skin, and protection against cold and flu. A cup of Elderberry Green Tea takes the benefits of
green tea and adds the benefits of elderberry.

Of course, none of that means much unless we actually enjoy the tea, and tea lovers will not be disappointed. All Things Elderberry Green Tea has a distinct sweet flavor. The elderberry flavor doesn’t overpower the flavor of the green tea. It works in balance with the tea to create a lovely floral flavor lovers of both herbal and green teas will enjoy.

Next time you need a break, pause to enjoy a cup of Elderberry Green Tea. It’s good for the body, good for the mind, and perhaps most importantly, it’s delicious




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